Winter mornings…

What I’m wearing: “Jacquard-knit jumper by H&M, Peter England Trousers”  

This time I got back with some winter wardrobe, I prefer these for the cold winter when I need to be out fairly pronto. Now before you go thinking I just can’t make any decisions, I would like to preface that each one of these outfits and shoe styles is an authentic expression of how I go day by day.

Tried to keep this look as clean and simple as possible, with a Black knit jumper,clean-cutan cut navy trousers. One I’m wearing now are actually broadcloth trousers which mean they are super comfy and yeah loafers would do well, I have been obsessed with classic tailoring these days, yeah this fits best for a sparky street look on winter mornings.


If you know me personally then you know my style changes like the seasons.

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