The Cilff Walk…

The Cliff walk around Bray Head is a real gem, I had to start early to get that panoramic view of the beauty. The uninterrupted views out to sea and of the cliff scenery.


One of the most appealing aspects of the walk is how quickly the ambiance changes from the bustle of Bray town to a quiet that feels a million miles away. The hill was dominating the end of the promenade and the stone cross atop the hill is an iconic feature of the town. I felt the climb was not particularly daunting, some parts can be a bit of a challenge and require some scrambling. But hike up did not leave me breathless the view did!


Totally worth going up if you love hiking and spectacular views. The view from up there is absolutely stunning. I think the best part is having the satisfaction knowing you reached it and seeing what Ireland really is from such a glance. I can go and on about seeing Dublin Bay and the panoramic view, but truth is – I was just happy to make it.

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